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  Paul Smee 1945-2006

Obituary notice published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 22 September 2006
Text of funeral service on 27 September 2006

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  Networks and Digital Communications

  University of Bristol

No Smoking

What we did on our hols in 1993... (Land's End to John O'Groats) 1995... (cycle touring in Brittany and - mostly - Normandy) 1996.... (Land's End to John O'Groats. Again.)
...and in 1997 ('The Great Divide Mountain Bike Ride - Montana'.)

If you're more into orienteering, there's always the home page of Ann's brother, Arthur

This isn't my home page, this is my 'welcome page', for external consumption. My home page is a boring (built for efficiency, not beauty) quick-reference list of things I use often, and which I've told my browser to open on startup. Stuff I want one step more accessible than bookmarks.
While I find it tediously boring, I do occasionally post or mail something which I feel must be PGP-signed. If anyone cares, my PGP key fingerprints are: Current key
    1D82 1642 85D0 218C FE90  C8BB 965D 7885 E7BC 3A3F
Old key (prior to 22 April 1999)
    D0 B6 81 5F 07 73 FE 93  16 2A A2 C9 25 32 20 7A

My full public key is available both here and at better keyservers everywhere.

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